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eliminated officials say they may have to raise price autos there is membership. not looking forward to prices going up. >> children's fairiland would see city subsidies cut. $54,000 per year. >> we can't skimp whit comes to safety at the park. and so we're going to have to take a look at our outreach program. >> it could impact programs for kids in the summer. >> and to have kids suffer consequences is detrimental. >> the center would not lose close. waits taken over by nonprofits and schools that pay rent provided rev few for the city. >> there is a plus side is
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that the city worked well to try to get other groups to come in to take over parts of it. >> and there is a budget is only a proposal from the mayor and city administrator. the council will make the decision about which jobs and services will be cut and they have just one week to do it. >> and there is a significant development facing ross mirkarimi. >> a third accuse yir has come forward. and live at the hall of justice tonight with the latest. >> ross mirkarimi is due back here in court, trying to get that restraining order lifted so he can be reunited with his wife and son. it's unclear and yes, the face kais is becoming more complicated as yet another
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woman comes forward. when ross mirkarimi walks into court this man will not be by his side. the attorney told us he's no longer on this case. he says he will noi -- lidia stiglich will represent the sheriff. he had other defendants including a mother accused of leaving her young son alone when he was mauled by family pit bulls. the mayor worries it's becoming a distraction. yesterday, he met one on one with the sheriff. >> these are again, serious allegations and some additional reports surfaced. i think that causes more time to be had on this. i know he's bang in court. on several occasions. >> and another bomb shell. a source tells abc 7 a third accuser surfaced and willing to testify against mirkarimi.
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it's unclear if she's on a list of potential witnesses prosecutors plan to call. she told a neighbor mirkarimi bruised her arm on new year's eve. the neighbor ivory madison and her husband are on the witness list. as is one of mirkarimi's ex-girlfriends who wiled -- filed a police report this weekend claiming the then supervisor pinned her against a wall while they were waiting. mirkarimi told us yesterday he will not take a leave of absence. >> we'll see, but no. it's very important that i stick to the duties that i've been adescribed to do, continuing to do that. >> and dean johnson is the legal analyst. he believes testimony from mirkarimi'sism girlfriend
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could hurt. >> addition of flores is a big for the prosecution and problem for the defense and supporters plan to stage a rally here outside of the hall of justice before tomorrow's court hearing and they say lopez will be here. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the california state university board today set a cap for the salaries of new campus presidents, voting to set the president's pay at $325,000 during a meeting today in long beach this, after an outcry over a $400,000 pay package approved last year. and one state lawmaker thinks this scale is still too high. >> we is a bill that limits these kinds of executive
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compensation in tough economic times it prevents the university from raising a salary of more than 10% of what the outgoing president was making. >> and under a proposal to make a hybrid pension plan that is very controversial. nannette miranda joins us with the story. >> the goal of a hybrid retirement plan is so-to-spread more costs to workers rather than taxpayers. under pressure to change benefits for state and local government workers legislature is hoilding hearings on a plan combining a 401(k) type plan with public pension there. is not a bill with an actual proposal yet and experts tell lawmakers how similar plans worked in other states.
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and pensions and defined benefits. >> and this could provide less of a return than what most people would get. >> and this plan could be most popular because of the volatility of the stock market. and there is a hybrid plan hoping whatever proposal comes out. committee doesn't relie too much on 401 k. >> there is a study says they have less than 25 cents on the dollar for what they need to retire comfortably. 401(k) experiment hasn't worked. look at yours, are you ready to retire some. >> critics say pensions have been too generous though most retirees make less than $30,000 a year pointing out it would relieve the state budget of crushing pension obligation, one expert testified
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california may not achieve great savings by converting because new plans could only be applied legally to new hires it doesn't necessarily produce more cost savings. >> it's expected to be a long night. >> unions have too much say in this town. we can't fund education at the same time we're funding high speed rail and a huge pension deficit. mg has got to give. >> the governor pro posed a hybrid plan but hasn't find a lawmaker to sponsor it in bill form. >> oakland police chief must consult with an outside monitor on many decisions and this requires the chief to keep the court appointed overseer informed on issues such as promoting and disciplining officers.
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and this began after the so called rider's case a decade ago. >> we need compliance by the oakland police department with this agreement which is no more than the same contemp rarey police standards followed by most departments throughout the united states. >> and he says he will comply and promises to work with the community to help reform his department. >> occupy oakland may hold another shut down or maybe target the airports if police try to prevent them from taking over an abandoned building. leaders returned to announce they plan to stage a march this saturday from city hall to a fake vaik yanlt building. the group threatening extreme action. >> blockading airport and
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occupying city hall indid he have niltly. calling on solidarity. >> we contacted the mayor's office. she has no comment at this time. >> and a small group of protestors took over a building at uc davis to use it as a base for their movement on campus. this served as a cross cultural center. a spokesperson says officials are monitoring what's happening to mine min miz disruption to students. police came under fire after pepper spraying uc davis students in a camp in november. that is what you're looking at here. >> patrol says road rage is the apparent cause of a deadly crash this morning. a man was killed when a minivan rolled several times. the chp says the driver slammed the side of the minivan into a pickup truck
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while trying to pass it, lost dronl and ran into a center divider. >> there were reports about brake checking between these vehicles. there are very good witness statements. driver of the pickup truck stayed behind and gave us a good statement. >> and this is when a driver passes another and then hits the brakes. >> coming up media multi tasking and how it may harm development of teen-ages girls. >> a drill that is a result of the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> i'm sandhya patel. looked and felt like spring. changes in the works for tomorrow. why coming up. >> then from michael finney there is a bank taking on group onin the like in the battle over the best daily deals.
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officials conducted a natural gas drill today because of the tragic explosion in san bruno. this involved a car hitting a gas line leaving two people injured. this is a simulation you're looking at here. goal was to see how quickly pg&e and emergency agencies can mobilize to cap the gas leak and help victims. >> we have new leadership in place and a mandate for change. this is a step we're talking -- taking and pg&e has three transmission kleins lrb lrb lines and the drill was part of a larger response plan laid out by officials in case of a major natural gas emergency. >> and booking photo of a man accused of sexual assaulting a young tourist was made public today.
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he is facing rape and imprisonment charges. police officers say they found him into n.these bushes as he was assaulting a 15-year-old girl. the victim is a foreign tourist visiting with a group. >> and for the first time in california history state justice department cleared an extensive backlog of dna evidence. five years ago there was outrage when officials admit aid quarter million samples were waiting to be processed. today, the attorney general announced backlog had been eliminated and dna can now be processed in just 30 days time. >> and one supervisor hopes a reward will help catch vandal who's deface aid mural. someone spray painted over the mural at heron drive near
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wells park. it happened either monday night or tuesday morning. a group paint that had mural on a wooden fence to promote peace in the neighborhood. >> washington is using social media to get the word out in $2 billion in financial aid for californian who's have mortgage trouble. it's now using facebook and twitter to reach people who don't know about the program with messages in english and spanish. >> everybody communicates differently. in this day and age, social media is become a very popular way for getting message out. it's easy to share information. >> you can also sign up to receive text messages from keep your home, california. >> free reports tonight about getting most out of your money in tonight's consumer headlines. >> there is update on a owner
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of a honda civic hybrid. you may remember she sued honda saying she didn't get close to the 50 miles promised. she's asking for $10,000. the judge is asking for more information to determine whether statute of limitations run out. honda proposed settling a separate case for $200,000 cash and $1,000 credit on a purchase of a if you honda. >> jc penny announced it's slashing prices, cutting prices by 40% beginning february 1 and officials say they'll put less emphasis on sales and promotions. and plans to offer clearance items. the hope is that the new model will bring in new customer autos and bank of america
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thinks it has a better way to save money other than those deal sites like groupon. and is offering through the bank's web site. kperz must use their bank of america debit or credit cards to get the savings. those in on the deals will get not when they buy but in the form of cash payments once per month. the so called deals will begin testing this week with employees in north carolina. we'll let you know when it's available for you. >> thank you. >> sure. >> stanford researchers say too much time spent juggling multi media tasks can be detrimental to girls. a survey of 3400 girls found those who spent hours bouncing between digital devices are more likely to struggle with developing critical social skills. but there is a powerful and simple solution saying more
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faceto face communities can diminish negative affects too much media has on young girls during these years. studies findings published in developmental psychology. >> we saw lots of sunshine today. >> we did. sandhya patel is here, very mild out there. >> it was. i promised you this, didn't i? >> another nice day tomorrow but with changes. not so sunny, live look at the sun now and there is a beautiful 62 degrees. there is another picture here, mid and high level clouds moving in. we're just going to pan around here and share beauty with you. setting son it's just going to be gorgeous tonight. sundown 5:25. snap a foto i want to see it.
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and there is high temperatures just mild outside. 67 degrees in santa rosa. near 70 degrees in half moon bay. out towards livermore, concord, 63 degrees today tlchl is a look at highs now. excuse me as i clear my throat here, temperatures 50s to mid-60s. there is areas of fog and clouds in the north bay tomorrow, just needed water, and there is this satellite and radar, high pressure is going to kip us from getting major storms here, it's aimed into the pacific northwest. any storms that develop mainly north of us but watch what happens. we're going to get cloud cover
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into overnight hours, and there is a possibility of a sprinkle or two into thursday afternoon. and not going to be a big deal. in the morning, though, we'll see areas of fog. you'll want to give yourself extra time so limited visibility in spots. temperatures into 40s except san francisco, 50 degrees by morning. afternoon, you'll feel cooling in the north bay and along the coast. you're going to see cloud cover lingering into after the foon for north bay and there is 63 in nap yachl more sun there. 63 oakland z palo alto, san jose, mid-60s. you'll see sun and high clouds, around the monterey bay, 66 in santa cruz. near 70 degrees for salinas,
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here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures upper 50s to mid-60s tomorrow, just a little cooler and cloudier in the north bay. and we see more sun, temperatures bouncing back up for friday, saturday, and near 70 degrees around the bay. this is warmer than average for this time of the year. it starts to cool off early to middle of the week. temperatures starting to slide. and there is a slight chance of showers by tuesday night into wednesday. it's just a small possibility now. >> we'll see. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, the nutrition project that brought together a celebrity chef and first lady. >> and national watch dog group calling for break up of bank of america so it is no longer too big to fail. back in a moment. añyayayaya
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honesty of a passenger may
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have prevented another disaster of fruit fly infestation. officials say a man from nigeria declared 21 apples at sfo. the fruit inspected in seven live fruit fly larvae were found. he was not charged because he declared the fruit. it's one of the most dangerous pests in the world blamed for destroying millions of dollars worth of fruit in the 1980s. >> los angeles county supervisors hoping wider sidewalks will help promote exercise, approving an ordinance requiring new development in unincorporated areas of l.a. to have wider sidewalks and bicycle parking. and they're hoping this will encourage people to take a walk. >> first lady turned lunch lady to announced new healthy friendly federal regulations
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for school lunches. the food channel's rachael ray helped prepare the meal. mrs. obama heaped spearhead the measure. >> when we send our kids to school we have a right to expect they won't be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods we're trying to keep from them at home. >> new guidelines involve doubling amounts of vegetables serving only fat free milk and child sized portions and reducing salt and fat. the healthy hunger free kids act will be largely fais phased in over time starting in 2012, 2013 school year. >> and coming up next, the successful placement rate of one animal shelter. >> and we want to invite you to down load our oscars axe pp leading up to next month's academy awards. our special app let's you
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challenge your friends now, to pick winner autos just go to abc 7 and look for the link. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh.
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a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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new tonight at kf a man took other people's money and blew it all and made a horror movie. tonight the i team closes books on a fraud investigation. also a mother bolts from a courtroom because she couldn't bear the testimony. her son is the only one that can identify a triple murder suspect z rules to ensure you're covered when disaster strikes. >> thank you. >> it's good to be a pet in santa clara county animal care and control. >> it's boasting it's successful adoption rate for last year. 100% placed in homes in 2011. all of them.

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